Dinosaur World in Plant City

Dinosaur World is a self guided outdoor museum with over 200 life size dinosaurs in a natural setting.


“Dinosaur World located in Plant City, Florida is the original park, opened in November of 1998. With over 200 Life-Size Dinosaurs, this 20-acre theme park is the only attraction like it! Dinosaur World is a self-guided outdoor museum with some of the most known dinosaurs (like the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex) to some of the most unknown (like the Scutellosaurus). There are two museums: a larger, indoor museum with real dinosaur artifacts and five animatronic dinosaurs and a smaller museum located near the back of the park with Florida Fossils inside.

Dinosaur World is a very hands-on educational experience for all ages. Children can participate in a Fossil Dig where they can find their favorite three fossils to keep, or the new Dino Gem Mine where they can take a bag of mineral enriched mining rough and pan through it in the sluice! There’s also a Boneyard where participants can uncover a life-size 27 foot replica Stegosaurus Skeleton in the sand, and the Touch-and-Tell, where you stick your hand inside a hole and try to guess the dinosaur inside without sight. There are also a couple of shows.

The Exploration Cave Show where you take a guided tour with a Paleontologist through a Dig Site, in which you learn about how a paleontologist goes about their day, fossil preservation, and how fossil casts are made. After the tour, take a walk around the cave and get hands-on with the fossils all around you and test your knowledge – and the Paleontologist’s – to see just how much you learned.

Next try your hand at trivia! Visit the Triviasaurus Rex Game Show and answer questions to win prizes and prove you’re the ultimate Dino Fan! Bring your own picnic lunch and Dine with the Dinos, and wind down your day at the playground! Remember, friendly dogs on leashes are welcome! We also have a brand new 7,000 square foot gift shop! There are a variety of items ranging from real prehistoric artifacts (like dinosaur teeth and trilobites) to dinosaur toys of all shapes and sizes…even educational material for the children, too! We have dinosaur books for all ages, fiction and non-fiction, and even movies! Some children cartoons and others, like the BBC hit Walking with Dinosaurs!”
One-Day General Admission at the Dinosaur World (Plant City location) for 2 Adults and 2 Children (ages 3-12).
General Admission rates include access to over 200 life size dinosaurs along with the theme park’s numerous shows and exhibits including the area’s largest, interactive boneyard, the giant skeletal playground and the Prehistoric museum featuring an impressive collection of animatronic dinosaurs, prehistoric dinosaur eggs, raptor claws and everything dinosaur.


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