Panhandle Pioneer in Blountstown

Panhandle Pioneer Settlement is a living-history museum in Blountstown, Florida. We aim to acquire, document, research, historical buildings restoration, furnishings, and tools from the 1820s to the 1940s to educate the public on their roots.


The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement, founded in 1989, brings together the history of life in the Florida Panhandle from the 1820’s to the 1940’s. Our mission is to acquire, document, research and restore buildings, furnishings and tools that were used in daily life. Our historical buildings, originally located throughout the region, have been relocated here at the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement, Blountstown, FL. and arranged to simulate a typical agricultural community to serve the public as a rural living-history museum. Our exhibits offer an extraordinary window into the past. Come take a look around and a walk back in time.


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